Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Obama for Yo' Mama (and you)

A random sighting in Fremont:

And if you are still in shock over last week's victory, maybe you want to check out Barack Obama's Flickr page ( and see all the behind the scenes action?

Also, it seems that the basic links on the top of my blog are gone...any ideas all you experts out there? and my photos are appearing as html...I need a techie!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Loud Unequivocal WOW!!!

I am still in awe of last night's election results. I mean, Michigan voting in favor of Medical Marijuana...who would have believed this was possible? 

But seriously, how amazing that Barack Obama will be the next President? I mean seriously! And the fact that both Colorado and Indiana went Democratic is amazing!!! (Thanks Ally and Elizabeth).

Last night I went to an election program on "the issues" at the Synagogue where I teach on Tuesday nights, all set to play Devil's advocate and argue for the war in Iraq. I went thinking that even though the program would go until 8, that it would be much later than that when the results of the election would be clear and I would watch it unfold expectantly with everyone else later in the night.

Afterall, 4 years ago I was at an election party that seemed to stretch long because we kept seeing Kerry's lead eroding and Bush's victory looming over us. 

But even on my way in at 6pm, I was listening to NPR who was interviewing a reporter in Virginia about the possible outcome in that State, when they had to interrupt their own broadcast to say that Obama had won Virginia didn't matter.

In retrospect I wonder why the media made it seem like this would be such a close race? Perhaps because they were afraid of calling the outcome wrong. But 349 to 163 seems miraculous and an incredible landslide victory. 2 Hours after I left to teach I was listening to McCain's Concession speech. 

Today even Condoleeza Rice was getting emotional...kind of:

And why not, after Obama's moving speech last night, the only question comes at 5 min. and 52 seconds in....

What kind of puppy are his daughters going to get?

One of my favorite stories comes from Obama, Japan who celebrated the win of their namesake in song. And while it's not in this report the chorus of the song was: "Obama is the Bomb-a"...catchy!

So, now we can rest happy. We can move on with our lives, content in the knowledge that next year things are going to change! Though I think the first few month of the Obama Presidency will be spent repealing Bush's last minute bills and laws, my least favorite part of the Presidential process.

And with your bank accounts no longer depleted by the Obama bid...maybe you can donate to other worthy my mustache (which I'm happy to report is coming in nicely)!!! And seriously, 826 Seattle is an amazing organization which is the only place I know of in Seattle that provides FREE after-school tutoring to children and promotes creative writing and creative expression.

                                                                           Week 2


                                                                            Week 3

Week 4

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shaving for NonProfits and Fun?

And this is why Razors are the bane of my existence...

So, I've taken a break from the blog, big surprise. Spending time in a new relationship, and making some decisions about future career paths. And I could sit here and blog about Kate and what fun we're having, or how I'm planning on going back to school for a Teaching Certificate and thinking about moving down to Portland...which is all true. But what I really want to discuss is my mustache...that's right, I'm growing a mustache. Now it's not in homage to Josh, though perhaps his 'Stache is a fuzzy beacon in the distance...nope, it's for charity. That's right, charity. 826Seattle is holding their annual Mustache-a-thon, where willing Mustache Farmers like myself grow facial hair for charity. Feel free to follow along with my progress, both on their site and on here, and if you're inspired by donating money to kids programs in reading and writing, feel free to support one of my favorite organizations in Seattle. I am also open for suggestions on what kind of 'Stache I should grow, because while my hair does grow fast, I only have until November 21st in which to compete. 

The night when I first shaved was Yom Kippur, and clean shaven and dressed in a suit, I never felt so corporate. I have to admit I was tempted to go to the nearest Chili's and be a dick to the wait staff... but oh, well, I guess that ship has sailed. Now I have the stubble of a Hollywood Soap Star, trying desperately not to look pre-pubescent. Them razors can change a man...

Well, off to get back to the job market, I'm trying to get a gig at a local supermarket (natural foods, preferably), or anywhere with benefits and discounts on food. 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Remember that song you used to snicker about in High School...or maybe that was just me.

I found this video, or rather swiped it from a facebook friend. I didn't even know there was a video, but I remember the song, one of those oldies but disturbingly goodies...

note the artistic use of the "censored" bar...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another game of catch-up

I think I need to just accept the fact that I'll post (nearly) once a month, and be surprised if I can make it more frequent. 


Even sitting down to write this post, I've become fascinated with a hidden treasure of music video lore...and potentially the end for the MTV we knew and loved as kids...Yes, that really is Eddie Murphy

I guess that's like opening with a joke. A sad, sad joke. 


I began June in England catching up with Rachael

Who's immersed in a PHd program in Bath and trying to find a way to stay in the country. After a weekend of seeing the sights (Bath is a beautiful English town with a rich history), and the local pubs, I can see the appeal. 

Then it was onto London for Enrique's Bachelor party. The highlight, besides getting Enrique to wear the stylish Pirate hat I bought for the occasion, was the Absolute Ice Bar in Picadilly Circus.

One of a few in the world it was a crazy place where they give you a fur-lined poncho to wear while you sip on cocktails in ice glasses, sit on ice stools (with a fur-mat buffer) and ice chairs. makes me want to visit the Ice Hotel even more now... trip to Scandanavia anyone?

Finally, the end of my trip was Enrique and Rosa's wedding itself held at a beautiful French Manor in Oxford.

The ceremony was small and intimate, with the violin and viola player who provided the music for the ceremony staying around long enough afterwards to cover a few specific requests, like Bon Jovi's "living on a prayer." 

And the food, man... definitely a Foody's wet dream. With a restaurant that was awarded 2 Michelin Stars... it may well have been the best meal I will ever eat... at least until I win the lottery and can afford to pay for one myself.

And since I returned a few weeks ago from all this excitement?....

Well, there was a big Solstice Parade in Fremont

And a 4th of July celebrations at Gasworks Park. 

The bad news is that I found out that I didn't get the full-time gig I was counting on.

So, for now I'm still plugging away slinging coffee at the good 'ol Bulldog News.

It's a living. Kind of.

Anyway, I think that's all the catching up for now. Be sure to check out my photo site: For more pics of these events. 

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Allright, I admit I'm bored

Now and again, I'll get excited about the lingering democratic primaries. It was exciting when Indiana and Oregon, and North Carolina got to vote...places I've had connections to. But I'm ready to be done with everything.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people who thinks that McCain really has a chance against either candidate.

It's like a good friend said after Bush won the last election: the good thing about this, is that people will get so frustrated with the adminstration that the nation's politics will swing back the other way.

It's just that Obama has already won the majority. Clinton would do herself well, to drop out graciously, assume, if not a shared ticket a prominent place in the next adminstration, and ultimately better her chances the next time there's an open election.

I could go on, but why bother when this video does it better?:

So yeah...

Rant being, why continue the fight over minor issues, onto the general election when we can turn our minds away from who's going to do what with the cost of gas, to issues of much greater importance:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Change of direction

Hey all,

This post (new?...really? marks a change of direction. I think I was taking the blog far too seriously, focusing on editorialized responses and so not writing.

No more, honest. Well, maybe sometimes, but that's not what the blog is for. It's for news, statements, random video clips and they're all about me!

Bwahahahahahahah.... (cue ominous background music).

I just finished applying, resume, cover letter, interview and all for a Youth Director job at Temple De Hirsch Sinai, where I've been working. It would be a full-time gig, benefits and everything. I'm crossing my fingers and wishing upon a star.

It's kind of sad to admit how many issues money can actually solve.  Eitherway, I probably won't know until June. I'll keep yall posted...literally.

I probably spend too much time tooling around online.
My new favorite website is:
A great music site for audiophiles like me (or you?). It compiles playlists of artists based upon a band or musician you type into it. Then you can listen to an uninterrupted stream of like-minded musical stylings with the option to approve or disapprove of each individual song to refine your taste. AWESOME.

My car is in the shop getting its last repairs before I run out of my 100,000 mile warranty. I've only got 9 miles left until this happens. I should definitely win an award for procrastination. If there even is such thing. Of course, I'll look for it later.

First, I've got to get ready for my trip to England on the 5th of June, for Enrique's wedding. But first, on the 1st, my roommate Patrick and I will be interviewing new housemates. Someone will be taking over my room and I'll be moving into the large one, with the balcony and room for guests. That's right, starting in July I can have visitors. Anyone? Anyone?

I guess that's it...I guess there's nothing more to say....maybe next time photos...or news....or pictures of Revi...yes, that's of Revi...HERE BOY! COME! SIT! STAY! GOOD DOG!